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When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every company will face their own unique security challenges that will require implementing customized solutions to ensure the physical and digital security of their business.

However, there are a few guidelines every company should incorporate to mitigate risk and vulnerabilities – and our experts will be on hand to provide the foundation for a better and more secure cybersecurity strategy.

New Year, New Risks: 2019 Top Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses & CPA Firms

CPA firms are heading into by far the busiest time of their year – and most vulnerable. During tax season, more sensitive data is being shared between multiple parties than at any other time during the year, leaving both CPA firms and the clients they serve open to malicious attacks and fraud. Even more troubling, many CPAs do not realize that data security is now a necessity for every Authorized IRS e-File Provider and tax professional, whether a partner in a large firm or a sole practitioner.

Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business

Cybersecurity is no longer just for giant corporations or financial institutions – it’s a concern for everyone.
alliantgroup is proud to showcase RGCybersecurity, a team of industry leaders in cybersecurity, professional services and legislation who have identified that even though there are many solutions and providers available, none of them were truly tailored to firms and businesses within the middle market.