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Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business


CPAs, CEOs, Presidents and Company Stakeholders.


Tuesday, December 11th 2018 from 12:00-12:30pm CT

Over 50% of all cyberattacks are targeted toward small to mid-sized businesses. Are you prepared?

Cybersecurity is no longer just for giant corporations or financial institutions – it’s a concern for everyone.
alliantgroup is proud to showcase Alliant Cybersecurity, a team of industry leaders in cybersecurity, professional services and legislation who have identified that even though there are many solutions and providers available, none of them were truly tailored to firms and businesses within the middle market.

This presentation will give a brief but tactical overview on what steps a business can take toward better data security for themselves and their clients, necessary compliance for current or upcoming regulations and best practices for developing policies and strategies against cyberattacks. The presentation will cover:

  • Asking the right questions – what is at stake if there was a breach?
  • Changes in legislation that affects how businesses handle customer data and the need for compliance
  • Building an effective cybersecurity strategy
  • Closing the gaps between people, process and technology

Join presenters Alliant Cybersecurity Vice President Jon Murphy and Former U.S. Congressman and Alliant Cybersecurity Senior Vice President Rick Lazio as they bring to light the dangers facing small to mid-sized businesses every day, and the steps to protect themselves and their clients.