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A Quick Start to Effective Cybersecurity

Over 50% of all cyberattacks target small to mid-sized businesses. 

As clients start to ask questions about their data security, competitors start leveraging digital security as a value add, and the government starts to increase regulations, small and medium sized businesses are finally starting to take their cybersecurity seriously.

But it can be daunting getting started with cybersecurity for your company. Which is why Alliant Cybersecurity has established a simple process to protect everything you’ve worked for, starting with our free cyber health check.

Our team of former military analysts and white hat hackers can assess your security needs for free and recommend simple next steps.

Why Alliant Cybersecurity?

Alliant Cybersecurity was founded on the realization that while most cyber attacks target small and medium sized businesses, the middle market was vastly being underserved by cybersecurity firms that mainly focused on large organizations.

Which is why Alliant Cybersecurity developed solutions tailored for main street American businesses. Our team includes former military cyber analyst, white-hat hackers and former policymakers, all at your disposal to ensure the safety of everything you’ve worked for.

What Our Clients Say

“We knew we had some issues but the level of assessment performed and the detail taken to troubleshoot our company’s security far exceeded me and my IT team’s initial thoughts… As a mechanical contractor, we know the importance of updating our products and processes… A huge part of this for us is making sure that our cybersecurity processes are consistently updated in order to safeguard our clients’ data and ours. Alliant Cybersecurity intimately understands this need."
Tim King, President - HACI Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Tim King
President - HACI Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
“From the get-go, Alliant Cybersecurity fully invested in helping us identify the best cyber security measures we could implement on our end… It helped significantly that they had experience in the electric utilities industry and therefore were familiar with the regulatory standards. This then allowed for a process that was minimally time intensive on our end. They were able to take charge, lead a thorough evaluation, and provide beneficial suggestions by grasping exactly what our needs are."
Daniel Wood, CEO, Utility System Efficiencies
Daniel Wood
Founder, CEO - Utility System Efficiencies, Inc.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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New Cyber Threats Vigilance Whitepaper

Our Testing Phases begins with:


Discovery & Probing

Penetration Testing

Other areas of attention include Dark Web
and Social Media Findings

This begins with:

Dark Web and Social Media Scrapping

Potential Business Impact

Anatomy of an Attack

Findings of the O.S.I.N.T. Data Analysis

Alliant Cybersecurity Cyber Compliance

With cyber laws and regulations constantly changing every year, Alliant Cybersecurity and our team of industry experts are always up to date on the latest changes and trends. We can make sure your organization becomes and remains compliant under state and federal law.

The simple truth is that almost all cyber laws require that companies and agencies maintain basic cyber hygiene. This means at a minimum, running a risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities, developing and implementing a security system, and monitoring. Alliant Cybersecurity can help with every step.

What must have your immediate attention is the Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act.

The US Senate unanimously passed legislation on that would usher in sweeping changes to the federal legal landscape relating to cybersecurity and cyber incident response. Reach out to us for a risk assessment today.

Other services

Our Managed Detection and Response solution, Blue Sentinel is an action-oriented platform. It is not limited to show alerts but tells you the threats that have been addressed. Through its effective and readable insights, you can make comprehensive and secure decisions.

Blue Sentinel offers an overall view through interactive dashboards. You can identify the weaknesses and shortcomings. They enable you to make confident decisions and maintain a good cybersecurity posture.

Alliant Cybersecurity gives you the hybrid advantage of Human and Artificial Intelligence (dedicated cybersecurity engineers and Blue Sentinel, respectively). Our mission is to offer top-class and cost-effective solutions ensuring 24/7/365 security that is built for your business.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Engineers

Blue Sentinel, with its team of dedicated cybersecurity engineers provides a complete cyber service with the flexibility to scale to your needs and customized solutions to ensure you have a 24/7/365 coverage service that is built for you.

Through vulnerability assessments and proactive threat hunting, our security engineers actively look for evidence of a cyber-attack or event, collecting threat intelligence from open source intelligence and industry renowned threat intelligence feeds, identifying key indicators of compromise, and using our teams to respond to identified threats.