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Incident Response

A cyber attack can be fatal for any business. It is not just the big corporations that should be concerned. In fact, it is actually small and medium sized businesses that are the most likely to face an attack and the consequences are dire for these entities.

Up to 60 percent of small to medium sized businesses are forced to shut down permanently after a data breach. That is why every organization must have a response plan in place in the event of a breach or attack.


Threat Detection and Response

Incident Response Planning

Business Continuity

Digital Forensics

Incident Response Planning

Your business needs to be vigilantly trying to protect itself against would-be attacks. Even if your organization is following best practices, you must be prepared for a network breach. Just one misstep by an employee could expose your entire network.

On average, 56% of companies that are breached do not discover the breach for months. Furthermore, on average, companies that suffered an attack such as ransomware will experience at least two weeks of downtime.

Incident response planning should start with a Cybersecurity risk and resilience review. Knowing where you are most vulnerable makes it easier to identify a breach when it happens. Next, you must map out plans for protocols and procedures to follow when addressing the fallout of a breach. This can include automatic data backups, automated responses that purge infected systems, quarantining parts of your network that may be compromised, restoring your network to a safe state, and more.

Could Your Business Operate During a Disruption?

In today’s day and age, there are so many different ways that a business can be compromised, so it’s essential for your organization to have an effective plan in place. By taking proactive steps to safeguard against potential risks and threats, you can help ensure that any disruption of operations will be minimal.

Business Continuity Planning and Advisory

Our team advises on and creates a detailed plan to maintain operations by identifying key business areas, critical functions, dependencies within the business and more. It is also crucial that downtime thresholds are determined for each critical function to create expectations.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Our security experts will run a business impact analysis, a proactive measure to help protect businesses from unforeseen disruptions. It provides an opportunity for organizations to plan ahead and create strategies that will allow them to better withstand any disruptions they may encounter, thus reducing the risk of lost productivity or other damaging effects.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan outlines the steps necessary for rebuilding and reconnecting vital systems. This roadmap utilizes procedures, policies, and tools to ensure that operations can return to working condition as quickly and seamlessly as possible following such devastating scenarios.

Digital Forensics

Every crime will always leave some traces and evidence behind, even in the digital landscape; a cybercriminal, inevitably, will have left evidence of how they breached your network.”

The digital forensics process generally involves gathering imaging of breached data, analyzing the data and report of the findings. That process can include recovering deleted files and extracting registry information to provide context on how the attack occurred.

Digital Forensics allows your business to understand how they were targeted, who targeted them, and when it occurred. Our team offers detailed reporting to guide your business through actionable steps towards closing gaps discovered within their environment.

Alliant Cybersecurity Advantage

Immediately following a breach, Alliant Cybersecurity will begin forensic analysis to provide an initial report within the next 24-72 hours with our findings on: Why, Who, what, where, when, and how this attack happened.

Our team can also provide:

  • Guidance for your organization through finding new tools to secure and strengthen your infrastructure
  • Assistance in mediating with law enforcement agencies and insurance providers
  • Employee Training to limit future attacks through social engineering

Get the Alliant advantage today! Contact us for a gratis consultation or reach out to us on our hotline number for a cyber emergency.