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About Us

About Us

Your Cybersecurity Partner

Our passion is to offer straightforward solutions to everyday cybersecurity challenges, especially in the moments that matter most. We create a customized cyber-vigilant environment for your business through our comprehensive consulting, technology, and managed security services. Reach out to us today for a complimentary cybersecurity health check!

How We Started

Years ago, we were just like you, trying to implement effective cybersecurity solutions to protect our company when we were still technologists at alliantgroup, one of the world’s leading consulting firms. Due to the sensitive nature of alliantgroup’s clients over the last 20+ years, their strategic advisory board tasked us with finding the best cyber protection for our company. After an extensive search, we found that it just wasn’t out there. Every solution was an expensive one-off project that didn’t fit our needs.  That is when we made the decision to amass the industry’s best talent and technology to create a comprehensive, tailored solution to fit our needs. Shortly after, our clients began asking if we could help them secure their businesses. This ultimately led to the founding of Alliant Cybersecurity as a standalone company. While we still work closely with our parent company, we are focused 100% on cybersecurity services and on securing the mid-market, as well as enterprise-level organizations.

Our Advantage

We have created a full-service cybersecurity consultancy for the mid-market. We are technology and vendor agnostic, so we can help you, regardless of your current security posture!  We follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CFS) to prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats. We also have a deep bench of seasoned penetration testers, auditors, technologists, and security analysts to help with your needs whether it’s a one-time project, multiple projects, or even the outsourcing of your entire cybersecurity operations.

Where We Are Going

Everything that we do is based on our client’s needs. We are constantly searching for bleeding-edge technology and solutions to help our clients with cybersecurity consulting and keep their businesses secure. We are actively recruiting top technical and business development talent. Check out our services or join us in our mission to strengthen American businesses!

Our team

People Behind the company

Our team includes thought-leaders, authors and highly respected experts in cybersecurity, legislation, and the professional service industry.


Senior VP


What Our Clients Say

“From the get-go, Alliant Cybersecurity fully invested in helping us identify the best cyber security measures we could implement on our end… It helped significantly that they had experience in the electric utilities industry and therefore were familiar with the regulatory standards. This then allowed for a process that was minimally time intensive on our end. They were able to take charge, lead a thorough evaluation, and provide beneficial suggestions by grasping exactly what our needs are."
Daniel Wood, CEO, Utility System Efficiencies
Daniel Wood
Founder, CEO - Utility System Efficiencies, Inc.
“Maintaining a high level of trust within our business relationships and clients is a number one priority for Refinery Specialties Inc… Alliant Cybersecurity was able to thoroughly assess our risk to vulnerabilities of which we were previously unaware… As an industry leader who understands the importance of conducting business in a safe, trustworthy and quality environment, we appreciated Alliant Cybersecurity’s dedication to exemplifying those same principles."
Richard Forrest, CFO, Refinery Specialties, Inc.
Richard Forrest
CFO - Refinery Specialties, Inc.