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Cybersecurity Strategy

Businesses are often surprised when they experience a cyber event. This is because they are typically unaware of the security gaps within their environment. With nearly 60% of small and medium sized businesses forced to shut down after a cyber attack, it is more important than ever to understand your cybersecurity posture.

You need to begin your cybersecurity journey with an assessment. This allows you to uncover blind spots and deficiencies you may be unaware of in your network. Once you have baselined your risk, you can then begin to develop a strategy to mitigate, transfer, or manage that risk, which will in turn help you measure the effectiveness of your security program. By prioritizing your risk, you can make more intelligent decisions on where to invest your time and budget.


Mid-Market Business Strategy

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests

Cyber Risk Assessments

Network Security Infrastructure

Data Protection Solutions

Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Information Security
  • Discover Vulnerabilities
  • Cyber Risk & Resilience Review
  • Risk Ranked Vulnerabilities
  • 12 Month Tactical Plan
  • 18-24 Month Strategic Plan
  • Business Continuity

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

An important step of any cybersecurity assessment is discovering vulnerabilities in your network. Penetration testing methods are designed to simulate what would happen in a real world attack. Our Penetration Testers are Certified Ethical Hackers, and use a suite of attack scenarios that will exploit gaps in your network security. To put it another way, a penetration test will show you how a cybercriminal would exploit gaps in your environment to compromise your business, ransom your network, or otherwise damage you.

Our Penetration Testers leverage their experience from the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide clients with actionable steps toward mitigating their cyber risk. With so many common vulnerabilities and attack vectors that nearly every business must deal with, penetration testing can help identify opportunities for many of the most commonly used exploits. With new vulnerabilities every day, it is crucial that your business perform a penetration test at least once per year.

Our penetration tests focus on the following 4 phases:


  • Gather information on existing processes
  • Passive and active reconnaissance
  • IT and cybersecurity capability review

Vulnerability Assessment

  • External and internal network scanning
  • Results analysis
  • Preliminary reporting of potential vulnerabilities 

Penetration Testing

  • External and internal penetration testing
  • Results analysis
  • Web domain testing
  • Report preparation

Final Reporting

  • Final report preparation 
  • Final report deliverable
  • Written executive summary
  • Executive debrief
  • Remediation guidance and support

Cyber Risk Assessments

Testing your users and network for vulnerabilities is only part of the equation. A complete cyber risk and resilience review should include an assessment of your people, processes and technology to ensure maximum security efficiency.

Alliant Cybersecurity’s proprietary assessment is based on the NIST and ISO cybersecurity frameworks. Our assessment reviews over 130 controls across 12 domains and includes our proprietary process:


  • Gather existing policies and procedures
  • Gather information on existing processes
  • Team role and structure review
  • IT and cybersecurity capability review


  • Data gathering (typically on-site)
  • People, processes, and technologies assessment
  • Regulatory framework mapping

Final Reporting

  • Final report deliverable
  • Maturity model scoring
  • 12-month tactical roadmap

Information Security

The most important assets for your company exist in a digital format: your lists of customers, your intellectual properties, your proprietary business processes, your designs, your business insights and data, the work product your employees produce. Information security is about protecting the things that are most important to your business.

The primary focus of any information security plan should revolve around confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. So while overall network protection is important, it is even more vital that appropriate safeguards are designed and implement for the data that is most important to your business. This means:

  • Identifying valuable information and assets
  • Evaluating the systems and controls already in place
  • Evaluating risks, identifying threats and vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing how to prevent and mitigate risks
  • Designing and implementing security controls
  • Constant monitoring and making adjustments when necessary
  • Business Continuity and Redundancy Protocols

Network Security Infrastructure

We can help secure your network with the latest models of switching and routing, to ensure that your organization’s network is ready for the next generation of virtual and physical threats. Our experts will be able to design and implement the necessary network enhancements to maintain your infrastructure from the core level to all end point devices.

Data Protection Solutions

Designing a solution, whether it is on or off premise, and assigning the proper backup policies is crucial to protecting your data. From cloud storage to offsite hosted data centers, or a hybrid environment; Alliant Cybersecurity can provide your company the best data protection solution and the managed services to maintain it.

Project Design Services

We will provide a full scope of work, detailed line item bill of materials, and service proposals containing executive summaries to all of our clients. Clarity, transparency, and a full understanding of what we do is key to the successful completion of every project.

Alliant Cybersecurity Advantage

Alliant Cybersecurity will publish an initial report in the next 24-72 hours with our findings on: Why, Who, what, where, when, and how this attack happened. Our team will also assist you with:

  • Selecting tools to secure and strengthen your infrastructure
  • Assist in mediating with law enforcement agencies and insurance providers
  • Training for your workforce to avoid future attacks

Get the Alliant advantage today! Contact us for general consultation or reach out to us on our hotline number for a cyber-emergency.