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Alliant Partner Program

Your clients need security and you need to grow your revenues but building a security practice requires on boarding new technology into your stack, staffing a multifaceted and expensive team, and increasing your risk. Wouldn’t it be great if you could deliver penetration testing, forensics, and Managed Security to help your clients and grow your business without adding complexity? Now you can. Find out more about what it means to partner with Alliant Cybersecurity.

Managed Service Providers

Scaling your core business is hard enough as it is. We can help you easily add cyber services such forensics, MDR and penetration testing for your clients.

IT Consultants

Adding additional services such as cybersecurity can make your offerings even more competitive. Partner with Alliant to add even more value to your clients.

CPA Firms

Your clients trust you with their financial data. Partnering with Alliant can help you protect the livelihood of your clients without skipping a beat.

Our Trusted Partners


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