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What is Blue Sentinel MDR?

Blue Sentinel Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced and specialized security service that provides organizations with complete visibility of their threat landscape. The service provides companies threat hunting services and responds to threats once they are discovered. Threats are contained and remediated with detailed reporting and guidance customized to your business. Additionally, Alliant Cybersecurity involves a human component: an ensemble of analysts, researchers, and engineers who are responsible for monitoring networks, analyzing incidents, responding to alerts, and using advanced security analytics on endpoints, applications, and networks. MDR provides a deeper detection and analysis by using AI and machine learning to investigate, automatically contain threats, orchestrate responses, and learning from previous incidents to boost resilience. Leverage our team of experts to better cybersecurity posture with on-going 24×7 support.

Functionality of an MDR

  • MDR is a PROACTIVE service that provides more understanding of an organization’s threat landscape that an in-house IT team or MSSP cannot completely address.
  • MDR aims to not only detect threats, but analyze factors and indicators that caused the alert. MDR allows interpretation of the threats, and provides recommendations based on the security event.
  • Security technologies have the capability to detect and monitor threats, but understanding in depth of how, why, and what caused the incident requires an MDR.
  • Managed Detection and Response provides companies a service that detects and identifies cybersecurity incidents, anomalies, and threats as well as responding to isolate, contain, and remove these events once they are discovered.
  • These events are identified and managed in real time
  • MDR responds in a way that minimizes damage to your organization by using sophisticated tools. Established and well-trained MDR providers have a technology platform with multiple technology modules including:
    • Threat hunting and behavioral analytics
    • Threat intelligence and reporting,
    • Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM) tools,
    • Endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR),
    • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and digital forensic analysis. ∙
  • Provides recommendations of remediation by using analysis of forensic data and interpretation of more advanced


Isn’t an MSSP or MDR service tool the same thing?

In fact, they are not. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) monitor your networks and send out alerts when anomalies are discovered. However, the main difference is that MSSPs do not investigate or dive deeper into the incident, eliminate false positives, nor do they respond/remediate threats. Typically, anomalies are forwarded to IT or a designated professional to remediate and investigate the threat.

Don’t Firewalls get the job done?

Firewalls are a layer of defense, however, they are solely a security technology. Firewalls are a preventative tool to circumvent cyber-attacks, however, it has become evident that firewalls are not enough to protect an organization’s information and assets. Additionally, firewalls are not entirely invulnerable – a hacker may have many methods of attack that can penetrate your network.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are powerful tools, however they are only truly a formidable source of intelligence as long as there is a human component. With the continuity of security technologies and the advancement of automation, AI and ML both enable and empower security analysts with sophisticated threat intelligence, that allows a more comprehensive digital forensics and evidence analysis and full recovery from incidents.

What differentiates Alliant Cybersecurity MDR from the leading (or main) competitors?

  • Advanced security people, processes, and technology aligned with your business unique needs
  • Dedicated security personnel that monitor, detect, contain, and respond to threats.
  • Vast Array of MDR tools and responsive security technologies in our armory.
  • Security event investigation reports that free an organization’s IT or information security resources
  • Incident action remediation to thwart threats, reduce damages, and minimize recovery time
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) that will build cybersecurity resiliency for your organization

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3009 Post Oak Blvd.
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Copyright © ALLIANT CYBERSECURITY 2020 | Privacy
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