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Learn how to minimize risk and continuously improve your security posture using the Alliant cybersecurity guide for implementing a security operations framework at your organization.

Business Email Compromise

Human error causes about 90% of cyberattacks. Further, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report of 2019 shows that one in three all cybersecurity breaches involve a business email being compromised through a phishing attack.

Types of Cyberattacks

It is estimated that the cybercrime economy is worth about $1.5 trillion annually. In contrast, the federal government provides only $15 billion dollars in funding for cyber security. This means companies are often left to defend themselves from the dangers of the web.


A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is a method where an attacker overloads your connected resource or server with traffic that does not respond to any requests. That is, the attacker is connecting to your server with fake traffic.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is in huge demand recently with ransomware attacks on the rise. Cyber insurance providers are under pressure to change their coverage requirements as many businesses are not taking proper precautions.


Ransomware as the name suggests is a type of malware installed by an attacker to prevent you from assessing some or all of the data on your system or locks you out from controlling any part of your network and demands a ransom for its release.

Supply Chain Cyberattacks

Your business is also likely part of a greater supply chain and being cyber secure requires each link in that chain do its part. Many of the large cyberattacks in the news are often the result of a supply chain vendor with lax cyber defenses being exploited so that hackers can hit their clients.