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Designing Infrastructure Solutions

We can help secure your network with the latest models of switching and routing, to ensure that your organization’s network is ready for the next generation of virtual and physical threats. Our experts will be able to design and implement the necessary network enhancements to maintain your infrastructure from the core level to all end point devices.

  • Next Generation Firewall Protection
  • WiFi Access Points and Controllers
  • Application Monitoring Tools

Data Protection Solutions

Designing a solution, whether it is on or off premise, and assigning the proper backup policies is crucial to protecting your data. From cloud storage to offsite hosted data centers, or a hybrid environment; Alliant Cybersecurity can provide your company the best data protection solution and the managed services to maintain it.

  • Data Integrity & Security Protocols
  • Customized Protection Plans
  • Application-Managed Protection

Project Design Services

We will provide a full scope of work, detailed line item bill of materials, and service proposals containing executive summaries to all of our clients. Clarity, transparency, and a full understanding of what we do is key to the successful completion of every project.

  • Transparent Custom Project Plans
  • Complete Project Insights
  • Dedicated Design Team

The Alliant Cybersecurity Advantage

The worst thing you can do after you suffer a cyber attack is to not have a plan. Alliant Cybersecurity and our experts will not only analyze your network to identify vulnerabilities and help you defend against attacks but our response plannnng will make sure you are prepared if the worst happens.

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