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Cyber Incident Response Planning

Preparing a cyber incident response plan is critical to the security of your network. Accordingly, Alliant Cybersecurity, the top-notch cybersecurity security company in the US, devises the best cyber incident response plan to ensure the highest levels of cyber protection and keep your technology infrastructure as safe as possible. Please take a look at our five-step cyber incident response, covering every essential aspect of cybersecurity incidents and your tech setup.

Our 5-Step Cyber Incident Response Plan

Please look at our incident response planning steps to get a clear picture of how we intend to protect your systems.

1. Detecting and Identifying the Nature of the Incident

We begin with detecting and identifying the nature of the incident to devise the cyber incident response plan accordingly. Our process involves documenting the response, wherein we identify the compromised system aspects and compute the potential damage. This step proves advantageous and contingent from the viewpoint of monitoring your network and flagging irregularities, if any, promptly. Our incident detection and identification process help you,

  • Determine the type of attack, whether network, data theft, or a blend of multiple threats
  • Identify compliance issues, if any, resulting from the attack
  • Determine the degree of damage, as in, the extent to which the internal systems are disrupted, or if the attack has affected critical business information and confidential client information

2. Containing Data Breach

When an incident strikes, the more you delay the response, the severer the potential damage. So, in case of an incident, you need a quick response that enables you to mitigate its impact. In situations like these, our steps include,

  • Shut down systems, and disconnect them from the network to contain the data breach in the short term
  • Update system protections, review and enhance access credentials to contain a data breach in the long term
  • Identify and quarantine malware found, if any
  • Suggest necessary actions against the individual responsible for the negligence

3. Eliminating the Cause of the Incident

Elimination of the incident cause, or in other words, remediation, forms the next step. In this step, we eliminate the root cause of the breach and work toward repairing the damage. Here, we do the below,

  • Remove all the incident artifacts from the system
  • Fix and update systems as required
  • Update software patches and enhance overall security
  • Take data backups to avoid further damage

4. Incident Recovery

Now that we’ve detected, identified, repaired, and eliminated the threat, we proceed with getting things back on track. Our cyber incident response team remains vigilant at every moment and ensures continual network monitoring to ensure complete recovery of the incident and that there exist no other potential threats. We then restore your systems from the backup taken and enable you to resume your operations as usual.

Additionally, we also help you repair the reputation damage that the incident might have caused. It involves creating a proactive transparent response that assures your clients of your concern toward the incident and consequently toward their data, of which you are a custodian. Further, we inspect all the other systems within the network to check for any potential threats that the incident repair process might have resulted in.

5. Documenting the Incident

This is the last step in our cyber incident response plan. Our experts compile an incident report with the help of the documentation done throughout the previous four steps. Our comprehensive documentation proves effective in helping us avoid a future incident. We cover the below points throughout the incident documentation process.

  • A detailed description of the incidence
  • The timeline, sequence, and the details of the breach that took place
  • The potential preventive measures to be taken or required
  • The need for additional changes or protocols required to secure the system
  • Modifications and additions to be done in the preventive measures taken after the incident

Are you an enterprise looking out for the best cyber incident response solutions across the United States? Alliant’s got you covered! Based in Houston, we are a cybersecurity company with a difference. We understand the criticality of cybersecurity, its impact on the overall business and reputation of an enterprise. Accordingly, our solutions aim to create value and a higher return on investment through the best proactive and reactive cybersecurity solutions.