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Dhaval Jadav

    Global CEO / Executive Chairman

    Dhaval Jadav is the Alliant Cybersecurity Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of alliantgroup.

    Dhaval Jadav co-founded alliantgroup in 2002, and since its inception, his passion to help and serve U.S. businesses (and their CPA firms) has resulted in alliantgroup assisting thousands of businesses claim powerful cash-generating credits and incentives.

    That drive to serve the professional services industry has led to the creation of Alliant Cybersecurity, the first cybersecurity solutions provider of its kind.

    In addition to his role at alliantgroup & Alliant Cybersecurity, Dhaval Jadav serves as counsel for DSquared Tax Strategies and alliantNational, a division of alliantgroup that provides subject matter expertise on complex and emerging federal, state and international tax issues.