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Never before have we seen such a dramatic shift in the flow of data and sensitive information for businesses. As the world has been shocked into isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses of all sizes are forced to upend work as they know it in order to comply with social distancing mandates – which some estimates say could last until 2021/2022.

With so many businesses rapidly switching to remote work for the foreseeable future, we are facing unprecedented vulnerabilities, especially for small to medium-sized businesses lacking telecommuting experience.

Remote work presents new considerations for everything cybersecurity. While large corporations have entire departments dedicated to these systems, SMBs are often lacking the knowledge and ability to have similarly robust protections in place. As such, we wanted to analyze just how vulnerable these businesses are and whether or not senior decision makers in charge are ready to address new cybersecurity considerations.

This report found respondents feel confident in their efforts to mitigate cyberattacks, but upon further investigation this sentiment is ultimately unfounded.

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