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Cyber Threats & the Importance of Cyber Vigilance

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Whitepaper Overview:

You’ve spent time, money, blood, sweat and tears building your company. Could you imagine leaving your doors open at night so anyone could come in and take what they want? What about letting people lock you out of your own business?

No one would ever allow either scenario to happen, which is why companies spend fortunes on physical security every year. But the risks that a burglar absconds with your life’s work is incredibly remote compared to the real possibility that a hacker could take everything you’ve worked for. Yet, most small and medium sized businesses invest very little if at all in cybersecurity even though the threat is far more significant and far more real.

Perhaps the reason for this disparity is because cyber threats and solutions do not feel tangible enough. Door locks and security cameras are concrete tools for preventing physical intrusions but whereas the thought of an interloper creates a visceral reaction, most people have trouble conceptualizing the effect of a data breach or a ransomware attack. It is even harder to conceptualize the value of cybersecurity solutions such as penetration testing, encryption, and employing a CISO.

Which is why our cybersecurity experts put together the Alliant Cybersecurity Cyber Threats and Cyber Vigilance White Paper. The paper is designed to make cyber threats and cybersecurity into tangible concepts by presenting detailed statistics on the current threat landscape, descriptions of the most commonly employed hacks and what steps companies should be taking to defend themselves.