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Contingency Planning: Coronavirus, Data Breaches and Future Threats

Contingency Planning: Coronavirus, Data Breaches and Future Threats

How prepared is your organization to deal with the disruption that something like COVID-19, the coronavirus, can cause to your supply chain, remote personnel and the data being transmitted throughout your organization and amongst your clients?

Many small and medium-sized businesses rely on their IT department to handle their cybersecurity needs. Computers and networks are all the same and if IT can set them up, then they can also protect them. Right?

While your IT staff can handle some security concerns, that is not the focus of the team. An IT team is responsible for ensuring hardware, software and network components remain operational, but a cybersecurity team focuses solely on enterprise risk management.

It’s important you treat IT and cybersecurity as distinct concerns to ensure your business is protected from online hackers.

Alliant Cybersecurity’s experts, Russell Hatfield and Trey Stokes, will be hosting a complimentary presentation to provide clarity and guidance on the role based differences between IT and cybersecurity. If you have questions or are unsure about your company’s cyber protections, register below for this quick presentation.

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