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Cybersecurity Essentials When Partnering with Government Entities

Any business that works with the U.S. government on a project, or has a government entity as a client, has to be both compliant with cybersecurity regulations and vigilant against any possible cyber-threats. From Social Security numbers to other personal identifying information and critical defense program details, companies that partner with our government have access to crucial information—and that’s what makes them such a hot target.

Join the Alliant Cybersecurity team for a complimentary webinar to understand the importance of prioritizing modern cybersecurity practices, remaining compliant and facing the cyber-threats of today head on.

Whether your business has been contracted by local, state or federal entities, your company is responsible for abiding by the standards and regulations that are required of all government contractors when it comes to the possession of any type of sensitive data.

Watch Alliant Cybersecurity Vice President Jon Murphy and Associate Director of Client Services Chase Richardson review what your business needs to know about cybersecurity best practices and regulatory compliance. If you own, operate or manage any type of business in the realm of government contracting — you will not want to miss out on this webinar!

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