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Top Ten Reasons Your Organization is Still Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

There are big changes coming to the cybersecurity landscape this year. New attack vectors, the acceleration of attacks by nation states and the increased number of hacks on small and medium sized businesses has led to new cybersecurity regulations being proposed in every state in America. The Federal Government and state governments are concerned for your business and we’ll be hosting a presentation to explain why they think you are vulnerable.

Even if you are not the victim of a cyber attack the new laws could mean big changes for your company. New regulations like New York’s SHIELD law and California’s CCPA can effect businesses that are not even in the respective state. With CCPA in effect as of January 1st, SHIELD fully going into effect March 21st and with new cyber laws to come, now is the time to ensure your company is fully compliant.

Join Alliant Cybersecurity experts for a complimentary online webinar to provide clarity and guidance on everything you need to know about securing your business and becoming compliant with cybersecurity legislation.

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