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Alliantgroup Recommends Aligning Cybersecurity with Your Business Objectives

Let’s begin with a pretty straightforward question.

Is your cybersecurity aligned with your business objectives? Very few will confidently say yes.

Cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly. A tiny leak could lead to a massive drain! Hence, while optimizing the use of technology, companies cannot discount the need to align cybersecurity with their business objectives.

Synchronizing both can help them maintain the required levels of cyber immunity and reap optimal investment returns.

So, let’s run through some quick tips that Alliantgroup recommends to help align cybersecurity with your company’s business goals.

Aligning the CEO, CFO, and CISO

Having these three decision-makers run in different directions can never help align your cybersecurity with the business’ objectives. Each one may have a separate set of objectives to look after and, therefore, a restricted thought process.

But while handling individual responsibilities, the CEO, CFO and CISO must collaborate to align cybersecurity and the business goals.

Before making decisions, they must factor in various technical and strategic aspects. These include cybersecurity compliance, brand reputation, client trust, system availability and performance, data security, and the value proposition to clients.

The key is to align money, cybersecurity, and company reputation with a uniform thought process for better results on both fronts.

Automating Cybersecurity

Did you know that 94-96 percent of cyberattacks happen due to human error? If that’s true, why not minimize human intervention and reduce manual errors?

Automating cybersecurity is a solution. It reduces human errors and frees up time and resources. Thus, it can help you save costs and allow your employees to do something strategically more helpful.

Additionally, you must invest in regular cybersecurity training and keeping employees updated on the latest form of cyber threats. Regular efforts in this regard can help make a positive impact and seal vulnerable entry points.

Improving Connectivity

In office work has largely resumed worldwide. But many companies are still following the remote working norm. That calls for better connectivity and a higher level of cybersecurity. Accordingly, companies can adopt a reliable and secure solution like SD-WAN that enhances security, increases reliability by prioritizing critical applications, and enables centralized management.

Hiring a Professional Cybersecurity Company

Cybersecurity is complex, and so is every business environment. Hence, many companies may find aligning both a challenge. Hiring an expert cybersecurity company can help. Cybersecurity companies review a company’s cybersecurity needs and business goals to devise tailored and aligned cybersecurity solutions.

Besides, hiring external experts refers to a proactive approach. It involves leveraging their expertise to prevent cyberattacks rather than repairing the damage the latter may cause.

Cybersecurity companies can manage everything from strategic cybersecurity consulting to upgrading cybersecurity. Thus, your CEO, CFO, and employees can focus on their responsibilities while leaving cybersecurity to experts!

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