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Benefits of Performing a Network Vulnerability Assessment by Cyber Security Experts

In addition to benefits and enhanced capabilities, evolving technologies bring a range of critical concerns to the business owner’s table – a lot of which are associated with cybersecurity. The way cybersecurity attacks have evolved over the years; it is abundantly evident that cyber-attackers monitor emerging technologies continuously and keep a close watch on the weaknesses and loopholes present in a particular cyber environment.

One of the keys to avoiding cybersecurity attacks is to perform a regular network vulnerability assessment that enables you to identify various threats in a particular system and then devise strategies to fortify them. In simple words, it refers to staying as ahead as possible of cyber-attackers on the points table.

Network vulnerability is a multi-phased process that demands expert handling to optimize its benefits. Accordingly, this blog explores some benefits of performing a professional network vulnerability assessment.

6 Advantages of Expert Network Vulnerability Assessment

Professional cybersecurity companies have the expertise, experience, and tools necessary to perform a thorough network vulnerability assessment, identify gaps, create a vulnerability report and submit it to the administrator.

  1. Proactive Assessment of the Network to Identify Security

As stated earlier, one of the most effective ways to avoid cybersecurity incidents is to stay ahead of the attackers. One way to do so is to conduct a proactive assessment of the network, detect weaknesses, loopholes, and gaps much before the attackers do, and devise a strategy to leverage it to access the system.

  1. Inclusion of Every Device Within the Network

Your network comprises several devices, machines, and software and hardware elements. For larger organizations, in particular, enlisting every device within the network, and that too without expert assistance, isn’t possible.

As a result, companies need professional cybersecurity companies to include every device within the network, and further, enlist the vulnerabilities for each one of them. Specialized cybersecurity companies follow a network vulnerability assessment checklist to include every device and take every necessary step.

Precisely, it is about comprehensive network vulnerability assessment, and that’s precisely what hiring expert cybersecurity firms enables you to do.

  1. Adherence to a Phased and Organized Vulnerability Assessment Process

Network vulnerability is a three-phased process that involves,

  • Gathering Information About Systems: Professional companies begin with gathering every possible piece of information about your IT environment. It includes IP Address, the version of the operating system, etc. This information proves helpful in performing all three types of testing, including Black Box Testing, Grey Box Testing, and White Box Testing.
  • Reviewing Results and Enumerating: Next comes reviewing results and then enumerating them. It examines the recognized vulnerabilities concerning a particular device and then devises a strategy to penetrate the network and the systems, to further pave the way to engineering solutions aimed at enhanced security.
  • Detecting Vulnerabilities and Reporting Them: Finally, cybersecurity experts detect the actual vulnerability and, after a comprehensive review, report them to the administrators to take subsequent steps.
  1. Preparation of Systems for Future Upgrades

Obsolete software and network elements are more vulnerable to security concerns and are more likely to form an easy target for attackers. Performing a network vulnerability test through experienced professionals exposes redundancies. It precisely helps you enlist the outdated elements and also know which all require an upgrade to fine-tune them from the viewpoint of cybersecurity.

  1. Well-Drafted and Comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessment Report

While assessment constitutes the fundamental and critical aspect of the network vulnerability test, reporting the vulnerability review through a well-drafted and comprehensive report is also equally important. After a thorough assessment of network vulnerabilities, professional cybersecurity companies submit a detailed report to the administrators. The information enables companies to get a clear picture of the risk that their IT environment is at.

Perform a Comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessment with Alliant Cybersecurity

Network vulnerability assessment forms an essential aspect of Alliant’s cybersecurity proposition. Alliant’s certified IT security experts perform a thorough network vulnerability check while employing the suitable network vulnerability assessment methodology, process, and appropriate reporting formats. If you too are an enterprise looking forward to assessing the vulnerabilities of your network, write an email to Alliant at [email protected].