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Cybersecurity News Weekly Roundup (November 08-13)

Side view of data analyst pointing with finger at charts on computer monitor while testing protection of computer systems

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News roundup. Here we present the latest news and updates in the world of cybersecurity. 

This was the week the US government gave CMMC, a much-needed and welcome change. The new program, known as CMMC 2.0, has been launched and is aimed at reducing the regulatory burden for companies that supply to the defense industry by reducing the number of levels in CMMC.  

This week also saw one of the biggest data breaches of the year, the breach at Robinhood.  

Here is the round-up:  

CMMC revised, 2.0 announced

Robinhood breach compromises data of 7 million customers

New Zero-day vulnerability discovered

Golang Malware targets millions of IoT devices and routers

Ukrainian charged with launching cyberattack against Kaseya

Augustin Kurian

Augustin Kurian is the Associate Manager for Cyber Reports at Alliant Cybersecurity, an infosec subsidiary of the alliantgroup. In his role he is responsible for producing content, preparing the content strategies for the division, and ensure all the editorial guidelines and policies are met.

Prior to that, he was the Assistant Editor of a popular cybersecurity magazine where he specialized in news, cybersecurity analysis, and interviewed eminent personalities in the infosec space.

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