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Malware Attacks – What to Do Before Cyber Security Service Providers Take Over?

My system is under a malware attack; what to do now? Well, that’s the question many people or companies ask when they identify a malware attack. Yes, a malware attack is undoubtedly serious. But you need not panic. Before the cybersecurity rescue team steps into the scene and takes over your system, you need to battle out the attack and take these basic first aid measures to mitigate the attack’s impact and minimize the damage as much as possible.

Steps to Take After a Malware Attack

There exist several types of malware attacks, and each one is considerably different from the other. So, the steps to take after a malware attack also vary. Accordingly, let us look at three common malware attacks and the preventive measures to take when they strike. Ensure that you take these steps under the guidance of your in-house IT team or cybersecurity experts to avoid going wrong or further damaging the system.

  1. Ransomware Attack: What to Do?

A ransomware attack involves holding a critical part of your data captive and releasing it only after paying a massive ransom. Of course, a sudden threat like this may send chills down your spine, leaving you confused and moreover in despair. However, remember that’s a ransomware attack, and although critical, you need to panic but respond to it sensibly. Here’s what to do after a ransomware attack on your system.

  • Isolate and remove the affected systems to avoid the lateral spread of the ransomware attack.
  • Modern ransomware strains target a company’s backups or delete them. Accordingly, do not just take backups but secure them. Do not forget to take backups of the infected systems.
  • Stop automated maintenance tasks, as they may further interrupt the investigation process.
  • Isolate the malware, but do not straight away delete, reformat, or remove the infected system.
  • Consult with cybersecurity experts to determine whether to pay the ransom or not.


  1. What to do After a Virus Attack?

A virus attack is the most conventional form of attack. Depending on the virus’s strain, it spreads quickly throughout the network, gradually affecting it entirely. Here’s how to deal with a virus attack. Remember, if the below fails, hand over the system to professional cybersecurity experts and let them repair it.

  • If you notice a virus attack, disconnect the machine and immediately isolate it.
  • Try and remove the virus with the help of your security expert. In other words, clean the system.
  • Restore the system to its original state. The virus might have caused damage to a lot of internal systems. So, it is prudent to clean the system, and get back to its original condition and use it anew.
  • Reinstall the programming to help the machine run properly. The quick restore CD you get with the original system can prove helpful in this regard.
  • Perform a total virus scan to ensure the threats are removed.
  • Try and restore the data you might have lost during the attack with the help of your company’s expert.


  1. Steps to Take After a Trojan Attack

What to do if you get a Trojan virus attack? First of all, is it possible to handle a Trojan attack before the cybersecurity experts take over your system? Yes. It is. However, it depends on the severity of the attack. These post-Trojan attacks can help you handle a Trojan attack and minimize the impact that the attack might have on your system.

  • Try and recognize the infected file. Watch out for a DLL error. Copy it, and find out information about the affected exe file on the internet.
  • Disable the System Restore function. Do not forget this step. If you do so, the deleted files will get restored.
  • Restart your system and press F8 to start it in safe mode.
  • Go to the Control Panel and then to Add or Remove Programs. Remove the Trojan-affected programs.
  • Ensure you delete all the files of a program. Remove them from the Windows System folder to do so.

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