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A New Framework for How Data is Shared Across Multiple Platforms will Change the Way We Detect Cyber Events

This week at the Black Hat Cybersecurity Convention in Las Vegas, more than a dozen companies announced a new project that aims to standardize the way data is shared across multiple platforms and data types. This framework is being spearheaded by AWS (Amazon Web Services), but it is still in the works. The Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework will simplify the detection of cyber events across all organizations. This initiative also involves some of the biggest names in tech, including Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, IBM, Okta, Salesforce and more.

One of the largest hurdles in event detection right now is the separation of data types across multiple platforms. Many cybersecurity tools and products use different data formats. This creates issues because the data types must be compatible in order to best understand cyber threats happening within an environment. This framework will allow these different data types to seamlessly work together to provide a much deeper understanding of your threat landscape. Not only will this allow for a more comprehensive understanding, but it will also be streamlined so that issues can be identified faster.

Once implemented, this framework will save its users significant time on research that can instead be spent on analyzing data and conducting meaningful research. This can help improve a users’ understanding of their environment, rather than having to work to make the data compatible.

Erkang Zheng, CEO of JupiterOne, described the OCSF initiative as “truly unprecedented”. He also mentioned that “normalizing data prior to ingestion has been one of the biggest pain points for security professionals and the universal framework proposed by the OCSF, powered by a common domain knowledge across several security vendors, simplifies this time-consuming step, ultimately enabling better and stronger security for all.”

While there is still a lot of work ahead, OCSF has the potential to revolutionize cybersecurity and the technology industry altogether. This is a more efficient way to detect events and is certainly something to anticipate helping keep your organization safe from cyber threats.

How do you think the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework will impact cybersecurity? Reach out and let us know!