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Vendor/Supply Chain CyberSec – Lessons to be learned from the CCH Hack

On Friday, May 3, 2019, Wolters Kluwer CCH, the cloud-based tax division of the Netherlands-based-global information services firm Wolters Kluwer, was notified of an apparent security/data privacy issue by Brian Krebs, the world-famous cybersecurity expert behind KrebsonSecurity. Wolters Kluwer is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and tax,… Read More »Vendor/Supply Chain CyberSec – Lessons to be learned from the CCH Hack

Cybersecurity Risk, what does a “reasonable” posture entail and who says so?

In one form or another, it is more likely than not that your company is in possession of personal or sensitive data that requires some degree of protection from potential cyber threats. With data breaches seeming to make daily headlines, and hackers developing innovative methods to penetrate cyber defenses, businesses must contemplate what “reasonable” security… Read More »Cybersecurity Risk, what does a “reasonable” posture entail and who says so?

New Year, New Risks: 2019 Top Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses & CPA Firms

CPA firms are heading into by far the busiest time of their year – and most vulnerable. During tax season, more sensitive data is being shared between multiple parties than at any other time during the year, leaving both CPA firms and the clients they serve open to malicious attacks and fraud. Even more troubling, many CPAs do not realize that data security is now a necessity for every Authorized IRS e-File Provider and tax professional, whether a partner in a large firm or a sole practitioner.

3rd Party Cybersecurity Risk – Literally the Keys to Your Front (and Every Other) Door!

Your organization’s risk surface may be larger than you think. Here is why. Depending on the industry or vertical niche, most businesses today rely on several (if not many) third-party service providers and other vendors to support core business functions. Supply chains are interconnected so just-in-time inventory management hums along seamlessly. The multi-function printers contact… Read More »3rd Party Cybersecurity Risk – Literally the Keys to Your Front (and Every Other) Door!

Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business

Cybersecurity is no longer just for giant corporations or financial institutions – it’s a concern for everyone.
alliantgroup is proud to showcase RGCybersecurity, a team of industry leaders in cybersecurity, professional services and legislation who have identified that even though there are many solutions and providers available, none of them were truly tailored to firms and businesses within the middle market.

Business Email Compromise (BEC): What You Need To Know

The FBI and national cybersecurity experts are trying to get the word out to executives and their direct reports about a growing and successful attack approach: Business Email Compromise (BEC). Also known as “CEO fraud,” the FBI predicts that these attacks – which already cost businesses upwards of 12.5 billion dollars annually, will only continue to grow and evolve.… Read More »Business Email Compromise (BEC): What You Need To Know

GDPR: How To Get Personal (Data)

Published in The Data Center Journal The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed into law on May 25, 2018. It implements data-protection laws affecting anyone who processes personal data of EU-based individuals—that is, most businesses worldwide. Many organizations have already started their journey to comply with the GDPR, which regulates the security and privacy of an individual’s… Read More »GDPR: How To Get Personal (Data)

Once Tech Features – Now Flaws!

Published in USA Trailblazer Magazine For years, computer and other technology original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have diligently responded to business and consumers’ ever-constant demands for more and faster features to make their lives convenient and cost efficient.  However, as the design and architecture of the newer technology have indeed included features that made things more connected,… Read More »Once Tech Features – Now Flaws!

Tax Reform and Innovation – good news and a cloud

Published in The Hill The chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and the chairman of the Finance Committee, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as well as the White House have recognized that the current level of economic growth is unacceptable and that tax reform must encourage a stronger economy and faster growth. To their credit, the tax reform… Read More »Tax Reform and Innovation – good news and a cloud