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Yum! Brands Suffers Ransomware Attack

What Happened Yum! Brands, the company behind KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, recently announced that it suffered a ransomware attack in the UK. The attack disrupted operations at almost 300 of its businesses and forced the company to take its systems offline while it worked to restore them. In recent years, cybercriminals have become… Read More »Yum! Brands Suffers Ransomware Attack

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Cybersecurity Landscape

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cybersecurity Cyber-attacks are constantly becoming more sophisticated, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant part in this. Al can be used both from the perspective of those defending against attacks and from cybercriminals themselves. Allowing defenders to scan networks more automatically and fend off attacks, criminals can also use… Read More »Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Cybersecurity Landscape

2022 Cybersecurity: A Year in Review

2022 was a tumultuous year for cybersecurity. This year proved yet again, that no industry is safe from cybercriminals. While the education and healthcare sectors were hit the hardest, every major industry experienced its fair share of breaches and attacks. As organizations scrambled to protect their systems from cyberattacks, new trends emerged that made it… Read More »2022 Cybersecurity: A Year in Review

What Cybersecurity Trends Will Shape 2023?

As technology advances and cybercrime increases, companies need to remain vigilant about their cybersecurity strategies. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is important to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity trends to protect your business from cyber threats. Here are the top cybersecurity trends you should be aware… Read More »What Cybersecurity Trends Will Shape 2023?

Ransomware Attack Causes Hospital Shutdown

CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest health systems in the country was recently hit with a devastating ransomware attack. The Chicago-based health system operates 142 hospitals and over 2,200 sites of care within 21 states. The attack has caused system interruptions and ongoing IT outages across several states including Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Iowa.… Read More »Ransomware Attack Causes Hospital Shutdown

Chegg Forced to Improve Security After Multiple Data Breaches Spanning Five Years

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that it is acting against Chegg, an education technology company, for its careless security practices that led to a data breach exposing the personal information of millions of customers. Chegg will be required to harden its security against data breaches and delete all unnecessary data. The FTC’s proposed order… Read More »Chegg Forced to Improve Security After Multiple Data Breaches Spanning Five Years


Cybersecurity Experts Say This New Cyber Attack Could Be Even More Dangerous Than Ransomware

In recent years, America’s digital infrastructure has become a core vulnerability as international conflicts migrate online, and cyberwarfare becomes an ever-present threat to our nation’s security.

Russia-Ukraine conflict takes the hybrid warfare route, U.S. on high alert

Russia inflicted way more destruction on Ukraine than what made the headlines. As Russia continued to invade Ukraine, it simultaneously launched a series of cyberattacks against the country, and the initial targets were Ukrainian banks and government agencies. The newer sanctions by the U.S. and other NATO nations have not been successful in preventing Putin from continuing his invasion.