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Toyota shuts down operations following a suspected cyber-attack by Russia

Toyota suspended all its domestic factories on Tuesday following a cyber-attack that affected the supplier of plastic parts, Kojima Industries Corporation. “Due to a system failure at a domestic supplier (KOJIMA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION), we have decided to suspend the operation of 28 lines at 14 plants in Japan on Tuesday, March 1 (both 1st and 2nd shifts).

Russia-Ukraine conflict takes the hybrid warfare route, U.S. on high alert

Russia inflicted way more destruction on Ukraine than what made the headlines. As Russia continued to invade Ukraine, it simultaneously launched a series of cyberattacks against the country, and the initial targets were Ukrainian banks and government agencies. The newer sanctions by the U.S. and other NATO nations have not been successful in preventing Putin from continuing his invasion.

Supply Chain Attacks Will Run into 2022, and They’re Not Slowing Down

Several current information security techniques continue to be ineffective in addressing organizations’ most critical threats. Here, the failure to secure supply chains is among the leading causes of cybercrimes. There was an unprecedented surge in the number of cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure and supply chains in 2021. Experts believe these attacks are only going to grow more prominent in 2022.

Four Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

On pace with the spread of the pandemic, cyberattacks exploded across industries in 2021. Hackers took advantage of vulnerabilities in remote work and the continued digitization of business processes to siphon millions of dollars. As we move into the new year, we’re seeing new threats on the horizon, as cybercriminals develop more accessible pathways to launch attacks, race to exploit automated technology, and even prey on the humans who use it.

Why Cybersecurity Matters for your Small Business

It is a well-documented fact that small businesses are targeted most often by cyberattacks. In fact, according to a recent Senate Judiciary Hearing, three out of four cybersecurity incidents in the US were targeted at small businesses. The Senators also pointed out that malicious actors do not always target companies with deep pockets.