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Russia-Ukraine conflict takes the hybrid warfare route, U.S. on high alert

Russia inflicted way more destruction on Ukraine than what made the headlines. As Russia continued to invade Ukraine, it simultaneously launched a series of cyberattacks against the country, and the initial targets were Ukrainian banks and government agencies. The newer sanctions by the U.S. and other NATO nations have not been successful in preventing Putin from continuing his invasion.

Why Cybersecurity Matters for your Small Business

It is a well-documented fact that small businesses are targeted most often by cyberattacks. In fact, according to a recent Senate Judiciary Hearing, three out of four cybersecurity incidents in the US were targeted at small businesses. The Senators also pointed out that malicious actors do not always target companies with deep pockets.

Cybersecurity News Weekly Roundup (October 25-29)

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News roundup. Here we present the latest news and updates in the world of cybersecurity. From lawmakers pushing for better cybersecurity for the transport sector to fraudsters targeting Android users into premium subscription services without their consent, this week saw several cybersecurity incidents. Here is a rundown: A team of… Read More »Cybersecurity News Weekly Roundup (October 25-29)

U.S. Lawmakers Push for Better Cybersecurity for Transport Sector

Over the last year, there have been multiple instances where cybercriminals have targeted the U.S.’ transportation infrastructure. These include attacks against ferries, railways, and even oil supply chains. These attacks cause widespread disruption in the lives of ordinary citizens. A committee of lawmakers from the Department of Homeland Security will discuss industry-wide measures to improve… Read More »U.S. Lawmakers Push for Better Cybersecurity for Transport Sector


Cybersecurity in Biden administration: Bi-monthly roundup

The Biden Administration has made it clear that it is going to make cybersecurity a national priority. The President started with allotting a $10 billion budget to improve cyber defenses right on the first day of office. He had also announced a few key appointments for national cybersecurity agencies.     His recent notice to Putin that “Critical infrastructure… Read More »Cybersecurity in Biden administration: Bi-monthly roundup

Hacked data for sale

Kaseya Hack Solved? – Our Experts Find Kaseya Data on the Dark Web

News has spread that Kaseya, which suffered a ransomware attack, received a Universal decryption key from a trusted third party. There is confirmation from relevant authorities that there was no payment for the ransom. But does that mean that all is well? Why isn’t the cybersecurity industry celebrating the victory over this massive ransomware attack?… Read More »Kaseya Hack Solved? – Our Experts Find Kaseya Data on the Dark Web

Cybersecurity at Board

Include Cybersecurity on your Board’s Agenda!

According to the Ponemon Institute’s  Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach in the United States in 2020 was $8.64 million. That is the price you pay when even a generally careful employee accidentally clicks on a phishing email. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) First American Financial Corporation case insists… Read More »Include Cybersecurity on your Board’s Agenda!